Our beautiful daughter Lillian Sophia was born August 31, 2009 and she was our first child. She was 6 pounds 6.7 ounces and 19 inches long. She had beautiful black hair and long fingers and toes. Our labour with her was wonderful. I was able to labour at home without pain medication and deliver her in the comfort of our home with our midwives and support team. She was however, born still. Our lives have been ripped apart over the past 3 weeks and as we begin to rebuild and go through our first wedding anniversay this weekend without her we seek help. Each day is a struggle and we can think of nothing other than our desire to hold and cuddle her. I miss her tremendously every morning and night. As we begin to think about our next pregnancy we would like to know what other couples have been through in this journey. My husband and I both know that we won't be able to begin healing fully until we have another baby to fill our hearts. We both feel Lilly's passing was to somehow bring us closer and teach us something because even as hard as this experience is there has to be something good to come out of it. We both want another child as soon as possible, but we wonder how the next pregnancy will go.

Any suggestions, thoughts or opinions to help us through this grief journey and comments from moms who have gone on to have healthy second babies. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers